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Do past experiences or memories keep you stuck?

Do you struggle with making decisions?

Are you living the life you want?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, Body-mind Therapy may be right for you.


Your body is much like a storage unit – a place you store physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences, whether joyful or hurtful.  These experiences or memories are stored throughout every cell in your body, most notably in muscles, joints, and connective tissue. 


Often times, you pay a significant price for storing hurtful, stressful, or traumatic experiences in your body, which, if not revealed and transformed, can lead to anxiety, stress, depression, illness, disease, chronic pain, gastrointestinal issues, eating disorders, addictions, self-harm, or a host of other maladies.  


These stored experiences, also, may show up in your life as indecisiveness, hopelessness, feeling "stuck," marital and relationship issues, career dissatisfaction, and more.

Most everyone has walked through difficult times in their lives; so, chances are your body is holding on to hurtful memories or experiences.  Through Body-mind Therapy, your body may benefit from acknowledging those experiences and either changing your relationship to them or setting them free.  

Body-mind Therapy is a psychological, emotional, spiritual exploration of the Self through the body, and can…

  • reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and hopelessness,

  • encourage deeper relaxation, 

  • foster a greater trust in yourself,

  • empower you to make changes in your life,

  • release self-imposed limitations,

  • cultivate body awareness,

  • increase resiliency,

  • release long-held beliefs that cause chronic pain,

  • encourage a healthier relationship with your body.

In a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space, Gina specializes in compassionately guiding clients through an individualized present-focused, body-based self-exploration.  Trauma and everyday stresses separate people from their bodies and true selves.  Allowing the body to be a part of therapy facilitates Body-mind awareness and interpersonal effectiveness and supports emotion regulation and distress tolerance.

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