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Do I need yoga experience or physical flexibility to participate in Body-mind Therapy?

No.  Neither yoga experience nor physical flexibility are required to participate in Body-mind Therapy.

I am overweight.  Will that prevent me from participating in Body-mind Therapy?

No.  Body-mind Therapy is available to all body shapes and sizes.

Does my insurance cover Body-mind Therapy?

At this time, most insurance providers do not cover Body-mind Therapy; however, some do, so you may wish to check with your health insurance provider.  Also, some health and medical savings accounts allow deductions for Body-mind Therapy.

What should I wear for the session?

Dress in loose, stretchy clothing that allows you to move around comfortably.  You may wish to dress in layers to accommodate any fluctuation in body temperature.  Socks are recommended if your feet tend to get chilled.

Do I need to bring a yoga mat or anything else with me?

A yoga mat is not necessary.  The session space and all necessary props are provided.  You may wish to bring water, if you'd like.

Do you offer online Body-mind Therapy sessions for individuals and couples?  And, online private yoga instruction?

Yes, Body-mind therapy sessions and private yoga instruction are offered online.  For online sessions, you will need a good internet connection with at least 5 mbs download and 1.5 mbs upload speeds.  You will need a web camera and microphone on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or I-Pad.  You, also, will need to download "Zoom," a free video conferencing platform.

For online sessions, it is best for you to create a quiet space and have a few props nearby, such as: a couple of quilts, blankets, pillows, books, hand towel (or yoga props, if you have them).

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